Never Split the Difference

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This book sells itself as all about negotiation, and I think most people would see that as aimed at salesmen or corporate bigwigs working on multi-million dollar deals. It’s not though. We negotiate pretty much every day in some capacity — whether it be with a spouse, your children, or your boss.

I always assumed good negotiators were those who could pour honey into the right ear or trick their opponents into submission. This book throws that antiquated idea out the window.

I found the insights quite eye-opening and tried to adopt a few of the ideas as I was reading it — knowing this was going to be a book I would revisit again and again to refresh my understanding.

It’s as much a psychology book as it is one about negotiation, focusing on understanding people’s desires and building empathy in order to form a partnership that can deliver a solution, rather than a battle to win and ‘put one over’ on the other party.

There are plenty of examples, both from the author’s FBI days (directly and indirectly) and from his students in more real-world scenarios.

An interesting read for anyone, not just those whose careers rely on striking deals.

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Reviewed: 9th January 2019