Mona Lisa Overdrive


Mona Lisa Overdrive is the final chapter in Gibson’s cyberpunk trilogy, which started with Neuromancer. As with the previous novel, Count Zero, it features several separate storylines which slowly merge into a hectic finale.

One thing I’d say from the start is that if you’re after a straight-forward, simple written story, you’re in the wrong place, it confusing enough most of the time, with some references back to the first book I had completely forgotten, lots of characters, weird sub-languages and those strange voodoo Gods appearing again, not to mention the electronic ghost of a long dead billionairess and a character who has small memory lapses.

The ideas are certainly nothing you’ll have seen before, and it’s kind of easy to figure out where it all is and where it’s all going, not to mention some characters that don’t really seem to add much to the story.

All in all then, Mona Lisa Overdrive is interesting, but you can live without it.

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Reviewed: 30th June 2006

Recommended: No