Manhattan in Reverse


Known for his large space operas, even Hamilton prefaces this book saying he doesn’t write too many short stories.

To be fair, some of these edge toward novella-length, rather than being particularly short.

I thought I would break it down by story.

Watching Trees Grow

An alternative history that leapfrogs through centuries to show us various moments while casing it in a murder-mystery framework. An intriguing story that I enjoyed.


A wormhole is opened to a new world and people are offered an escape from crumbling Britain. A fairly anemic story with nothing special about it.

If at first…

An fun and clever story about time travel.

The Forever Kitten

The shortest story and the weakest for me.

Blessed by an Angel

Featuring highers and advancers, which previous readers of Hamlton’s work will be familiar with, but not a strong story.

The Demon Trap

Paula Myo returns for another investigation. One I really enjoyed, probably the strongest story in the collection.

Manhattan in Reverse

Another Paula Myo story, something a bit different. Not the most complex, but competent.

If you’re a fan of Hamilton’s work, it’s probably worth picking up, but it’s not a ground-breaking collection by any means. Nothing bad, and some good entries.

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Reviewed: 5th May 2018