Making Money


Another great book from Pratchett, not quite as good as Going Postal, the first book featuring Moist von Lipwig, but with more than enough laughs, action, manipulations and outmanoeuvring to keep Pratchett fans happy.

Moist is getting bored now he has turned the Post Office into an efficient machine, his stamps have started a whole new industry and he’s having to find other ways to thrill himself while his girlfriend is away saving golems. Lord Vetinari needs the banking sector turned around to help him raise the money for his grand plans for Ankh-Morpork and he knows just the man for the job, someone who is ingenious, can talk his way out of anything and isn’t easy to kill, it’s just that Moist doesn’t know it yet.

Ingenious, inviting and as exciting as you expect from Pratchett, another one worth a look.

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Reviewed: 30th June 2008

Recommended: Yes