Let Not The Deep


Another one I picked up in a deal because it sounded interesting, and there weren’t many other options.

This apparently forms part of a quartet about the British military, but it focuses on the saving of a merchant ship by the RNLI, neither of which form part of the military — although it does feature various actors who are.

I will start by saying that this book was originally published in 1998 and the gender-roles were probably outdated at the time, now they just seem archaic — the men do all the heroic stuff and the women are left behind to fret.

It’s very much a a ‘boys-own’ adventure — with big, tough (but caring) men battling the elements and saving lives. It’s also very old-school in it’s handling of the mental states of those involved — buck your ideas up and keep your upper lip rigid no matter what internal turmoil.

The action was good and, despite being filled with stoic characters, the twists at the end did wrench me, so clearly it did a better job of engaging me than I’d thought.

It also did a very good job of showing the dangers at sea, the efforts a bunch of volunteers make whenever they’re called upon (I hope never to need the RNLI but you can’t doubt their commitment) and how people pull together in times of need — which seems somewhat resonant at the moment.

A good read if you like some action and bravery, but be prepared for some backward gender stereotyping.

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Reviewed: 10th April 2020