Less But Better


If you have an interest in design you’ve likely heard of Dieter Rams. You’ve likely encountered some of the products he or his team have had a hand in regardless of whether you know the name — because he was a big part of the design team at Braun for many years.

I love many of the products they designed, from clocks to shavers to kitchen utensils. It’s a shame so few are still available.

This book is both a visual showcase, with many photos of products, but also some thoughts on design, his history at Braun and Ram’s experiences.

First published in 1995, this is the seventh edition. Which makes the numerous typos that remain quite shocking. Perhaps that’s because this is in both English and German.

The photos are generally good, though I’d have liked more breakdown for many of the products. The sections are nicely ordered, but they’re poorly organised, especially when it comes to the quotes about the images, which often left me scouring the page and guessing at what they related to.

As a book to flick through it would be fine, but for the price it needs to offer a lot more. This is less, but definitely not better.

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Reviewed: 14th January 2020