Keeping It Real


I picked this up many years ago at a Waterstones when someone had gifted my some vouchers. It never quite convinced me whenever I looked at my TBR shelf. Now I know why.

Once I start a book I rarely abandon it — this one came very close to being binned on several occasions. I was dismayed within the first few chapters but kept going because I thought it would improve — it didn’t.

The characters are shallow, empty caricatures, and within minutes they’re in some teen-esque romance despite barely knowing or even having spoken to each other.

The plot, if you can call it that, is so disjointed and paced so bizarrely that it feels like the abridged audio version has been transferred back to written format.

For most of the book we storm along at breakneck speed. Then, when the stakes get raised, everything slows to a navel-gazing crawl.

It is mercifully short at least. Although the 280 pages of the version I have was likely kept down by the cramped typsetting. Which, along with the cover, suggest this was produced on a budget.

I assumed this was done under some sort of agreement the publisher couldn’t get out of, or perhaps for a friend of an executive, but there are four more books in the ‘Quantum Gravity’ series.

Don’t waste your time, would be my advice.

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Reviewed: 28th May 2020