How to Stop Time


What would happen if you didn’t age like everyone else and you lived longer, a lot longer. How much longer? Well, you were born in the 15th Century, but you look like you’re in your forties now.

That’s the situation the protagonist of this book is in.

It’s an interesting premise and it gives it license to jump around in time, place and situation to let us examine how living for that long could impact you. As well as trying to breathe life into historical periods, and people, compared to the static history we all know.

To that end, it spends the first 95% of the book navel-gazing via the main character, examining random events from his past and how they impact his present. Then we suddenly develop a point to the plot and wrap it up in a nice bow in the last couple of chapters.

That made it feel like the whole pace and point of the story was off. Dripping clues and devices from an early stage would have intertwined the two elements much better, rather than leaving one feeling like it was oddly bolted onto the other in order to provide an ending.

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Reviewed: 24th July 2019