How To Be a Pirate


I’d had an audiobook of the first in this series, and so followed it up with this, the second title.

The movies that are based on this series, arguably, are better known. They are also very different to the books. These are aimed at kids, they feature characters with the same names, but that is about the only similarity.

This follows Hiccup in the days before he became a hero and leader of the Hairy Hooligans. He’s far from a brave, warrior-like viking, but seems to succeed regardless — and that is the point of these stories.

It was a quick read, entertaining and obviously has plenty to appeal to small children. For adults, it’s a little predictable, but certainly not bad for that.

Don’t expect complex or subtle plots, but you will see interesting and complex characters and the stories don’t follow the “chosen one” route to success. Hiccup succeeds despite his ‘shortcomings’ and that is what I like about them.

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Reviewed: 19th September 2019