Hidden Empire


This has been sat on the to-read shelf for a while, largely due to its size — at 662 pages in the paperback version I have — as the time commitment meant I was preferring smaller books.

I am very glad I took the plunge though, as this was a gripping space opera.

The cast is large, myriad and scattered. This, the first in a series of seven, spends most of its time jumping between different characters to introduce the various strands.

That said, it was interesting and had some truly gripping events as well. I found myself hungrily devouring sections as significant milestones arrived.

It’s not revolutionary by any stretch, but we do have some novel takes on the usual players. Characters fall into various stereotypes, but with enough to flesh them out rather than leave them as two-dimensional.

I will say the plot was a little predictable in places, but not enough to detract significantly.

Always nice to find a series that has plenty of follow-up books to dive into and I will be picking up further installments.

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Reviewed: 7th November 2019