This was another I probably wouldn’t have picked up except it was on a deal.

I am also mindful I seem to get stuck in fantasy and sci-fi a fair bit and do try to branch out.

This is a gritty police procedural, something the Brits seems to do fairly well across all types of media. And combined with a village too. Although this isn’t Midsommer Murders.

Our characters are certainly not squeaky clean and perfect — although the men are hugely desirable to either sex it seems, in the usual Hollywood tradition.

There wasn’t much wrong with this, but I didn’t feel engaged with the characters, the pacing was very back heavy and the plot keeps the mystery by simply not revealing things until late on — and I still got to the perpetrator before they were exposed though.

If you’re after a competent murder mystery then this will do the job, although the subject matter gets challenging for those of a more sensitive disposition, if you want something a bit more innovative then look elsewhere.

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Reviewed: 1st April 2021