Feet of Clay


Another wonderful example of Pratchett at his best. The usual misfits return, led by the part-genius, part-fanatic, part-dictator Commander Vimes, and they’re joined by some equally interesting characters. This is far more than just a fantasy novel (it’s no wonder Pratchett gets critical acclaim, but if he wrote in another genre he’d be showered with awards) with murder, mystery, issues of identity and the question of what it means to be alive all fighting for space. And yet, even through those heavy subjects, there is a vein of humour that is as twisted as it is funny. The detail and depth of Ankh-Morpork and the description of tidal forces at work in a functioning city make it seem as real as any historical city to me. Go, buy, read, that is an order.

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Reviewed: 30th January 2005

Recommended: Yes