Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping our Future


I picked this up on a Kindle deal — it’s the first book I’ve read on Kindle for quite a while.

Regardless of what you think of Musk, you can’t deny the man is hard to ignore. Whether you believe he’s a visionary engineer or a self-promoting shuckster, he and his companies’ are rarely out of the headlines.

This book details his life from childhood through to its release in 2015. Obviously, a lot has happened since then (one of the interesting parts is to see how the things they were working on then have come to fruition). It’s broken down into chapters to address different stages of his life, largely based on whatever company he was running at the time.

As you learn about his work ethic, you could argue that there was little else to write about.

The book seems focused more on documenting the history rather than providing any insight though. There’s a lot of “this happened, then this happened, then someone said this and Musk did that” rather than trying to understand what drove those factors.

Although the author was able to interview Musk, there’s little insight into his view of the world and very little discussion of the technical developments and hurdles that had to be overcome.

That leaves you with an interesting, but very high level look at Musk that is heaily skewed to a history of his business successes (and near failures).

I learned a few things, but ultimately it didn’t provide much insight beyond a basic timeline with some milestones tacked on.

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Reviewed: 17th April 2020