Eagles at War


Another book I stumbled across and liked the description enough to give it a go. I’m also a fan of Rome so it tied into my other interests.

The plot focuses on the battle of Teutoburg Forest, where an alliance of Germanic tribes ambushed and destroyed three Roman legions in 9 CE, with characters on both side lending their viewpoints.

Although a fictional account, it’s clear the author makes use of a lot of the known events, based on historical sources, to back up the tale. I’m far from an expert, but it sounded pretty realistic and certainly provides a no-holds-barred look at ancient warfare.

Aside from a lot of bloodshed, torture and sacrifice, there is plenty of cursing — as to be expected by a bunch of soldiers fighting for their lives. Something to bear in mind if you’re sensitive to such things.

All-in-all an entertaining read, in large part due to some interesting characters. None more so than Tullus, the protagonist. Other characters get rounded out as well, providing a ground-level look through Roman society that is usually shown only from the higher echelons.

David Rintoul does a good job reading the work, but there were a few occasions when I lost track of who from the myriad cast was talking due to a lack of distinction.

If you’re a fan of Rome or of battle sagas, this should keep you entertained.

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Reviewed: 18th February 2018