I was aware of Dune from the movie, which is one of my favourites (it’s well worth a watch, because the design team was clearly on something strong). I knew it was based on a book and I’d been meaning to read it for a while.

I actually have the first three books in an omnibus edition.

One thing that struck me is how closely the movie sticks to the plot of the novel, lifting lines and entire scenes directly from the book — not something that happens very often.

Where it differs, I’d actually say the movie does a better job. Controversial, I know.

I say that because, while the book provides a bit more depth to certain elements, it seems shy of the action. Herbert loves inventing new terms, sects and religious elements, but any action passes in a few paragraphs or happens entirely off-screen.

Other than that, it’s brilliantly inventive, with scenes that I couldn’t pull myself away from sprinkled throughout.

I did find it hard to read without comparing it to the movie. The next next two should give me a different view.

They’re apparently re-making the movie for release in 2019, but having read it, I think it would have made a good TV series with as much murder and double-dealing as Game of Thrones.

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Reviewed: 14th February 2019