Before the Fall


I have absolutely no idea where I got the recommendation for this book, but wherever it was deserves some credit.

The book tells the tale of a private jet that crashes into the ocean, with only two survivors: a four-year-old boy, who stands to inherit millions, and an unknown painter. Together, they make the seemingly impossible swim to shore in the black of night.

What follows is split between retrospectives of the other passengers, their lives and the events leading up to them being on the plane, and what follows — the investigation, the press frenzy, the impact on the lives of those connected.

The flashbacks help to round out each of the characters, both the big and small, and really help ground the story. To be fair, the whole thing is told in a way that limits the fantastical elements and gives it the grit of reality.

It comes together to create a really enjoyable read that, at times, really had me hooked and turning pages frantically.

It’s not perfect, sure. My main gripe is that there’s a bit too much navel-gazing at times, a little bit too much existentialism. The bitty dialogue with pauses and unfinished sentences can get a little annoying as well. The motivation for some of the events didn’t seem strong enough to me, either.

Those are minor though, things you can skip over or push through. Otherwise a great read.

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This was a copy of the book

Reviewed: 10th April 2018