I’ve loved each of the books in the Old Kingdom trilogy and this one was no exception. The best book I’ve read recently without doubt. At once inventive and stirring, tragic and heroic, nerve jangling and exhilarating, he keeps you guessing what will happen to the characters right to the satisfying end.

It’s a shame the books are classed as children’s/young adult as they really are just superb stories, they should reclassify them as general fantasy at least to ensure more people choose to read them because they are utterly terrific. I could go on spouting superlatives forever.

Concluding the story started in Lirael, the fight to save not just the Old Kingdom but the whole world sees our young heroes struggle against overwhelming odds, usually alone, aside from some enigmatic companions, while their chance of success grows slimmer and slimmer.

I’m not sure if Nix intends to return to the worlds of the Old Kingdom and Ancelstierre but they are so beautifully rendered it would be such a shame not to. They really are refreshing from the normal knock-offs of LOTRs.

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Reviewed: 15th November 2010