A Man & His Watch


So, I’ve developed a bit of a watch habit over the last year. I’ve always liked watches but never been that worried about the details.

I stuck this on my Christmas list as it sounded interesting — a collection of photographs and stories about watches and their owners.

It’s more of a coffee-table book if I’m honest. Even the sort of thing you’d find in a waiting room, something you can dip into and read a few stories while waiting to be called for an appointment.

The photographs are beautiful. The range of contributors is a bit odd though. There are some famous names, some chefs, and a lot of watch sellers/journalists/company owners. That makes for a very narrow field. It feels like a boys club.

There’s also a lot of very expensive or luxury pieces, and a predominance of Rolex (I classified 52 as luxury, with 17 being from Rolex, 25 as non-luxury — and I was generous in my classification of non-luxury).

There are a few lower-end pieces (a couple of G-Shocks, a Sears Winnie the Pooh watch, some Swatches, etc), but invariably it’s all about watches that are super expensive — even among the high-end these are the ultra-rare Swiss pieces.

It’s nice enough to flick through, but with such a narrow field and limited space to discuss each piece (some contributions are literally a single paragraph) it doesn’t provide much more than an auction catalogue.

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Reviewed: 3rd January 2019