100 Things You Will Never Find


This book covers everything from lost cities and hidden treasures to artworks and people that have vanished from history and will never turn up again.

Except that quite a few of them might. For every Harold Holt, Lord Lucan or Roanoke Colony there is a Beagle 2 (now believed found, and which almost certainly will be) or a sunken treasure that may yet be recovered. The inclusion of several items that are purely fiction is also debatable.

Some lost treasures, such as the Amber Room, get no mention whatsoever. I know there’s a limit to what could be included, but missing people are surely less interesting than immutable objects that must still exist.

There’s also a strong Western leaning to the list. There are some South American (although you’d argue linked to Western history) and Asian treasures mentioned, but far fewer of them. It’s hard to justify the inclusion of the formula for WD-40 and the Colonel’s secret recipe too, along with extinct species.

People have complained about the quality of self-published books, but this needed some more proof-reading. There are plenty of references to ‘see page xx’ where the ‘xx’ hasn’t been replaced with the actual page numbers. There are other issues that a cursory read-through would have picked up.

Not a bad book, overall, and nice to dip into, but not much more than you’d find online and the websites would likely have fewer typos.

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Reviewed: 2nd June 2016